New karaoke system for the studio

As I wrote in the last post, we recently got a lot of new equipment for our studio. One new cool device that William brought in is a karaoke system that we also got in a gift after playing a gig in Washington, but he had forgotten about and found in his garage.

bluetooth machineIt’s called a singing machine stvg888 and is pretty sweet. The design is quite impressive and the sound is actually quite good. It has a camera on top which is probably meant for youngsters to film themselves while singing. It also had input support for instruments which I thought was cool.

Now we can bring the kids over when we’re in the studio during the weekends and let them play with this machine and can learn to play guitar with it and stuff. Quite cool indeed. It is also a karaoke player with wireless streaming and bluetooth support so you can use it just as a portable speaker.

Anyway, there’s a in-depth review about it online if you’d like to read more about it then see here now. I would definitely recommend it as a Christmas gift if you know someone who enjoys singing. You can figure out which to buy from

New equipment

We have recently been getting some new equipment for the studio as we will be recording a new album after new years. We need to freshen up our studio and make it more comfortable and practical. We will be spending a lot of time working in here during our spare time, and it is also a place where we can just hang out, when we need to get away from the girlfriends, or the kids. Here are some of our new stuff.

Novation Keyboard. We got this from a gift after doing a gig at a hotel. The owner had won it in a lottery but didn’t have any use for it since he was not a musician, so he gave it to us as an appreciation of our live event. Will be fun to play around with this, and see if we can perhaps put it to use.

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. That’s a digital audio interface that connects with USB. It came with a neat little condenser mic and some pretty decent headphones. The mic and the headphones are probably not as good as the ones we already have, but it is always nice to have spares. It also has many analog inputs so we can experiment with this a little bit during Christmas.

Folding utility table. This will definitely come in handy when we have some extra equipment we need space for. But we don’t really need a table to just take up all our space. This can be set up when we actually need it, and takes no space whatsoever when folded. The legs are also adjustable in height which is nice.

Ergonomic office chairs. These are comfortable when sitting and mixing and producing music all day. The good thing is the arm rests can be flipped up so they are not in the way if you want to play a guitar in this chair.

We probably need a few more things as we are going to refurnish the place a bit. Perhaps we’ll do a post about it when it’s done.

Hardwired… to Self-Destruct

In order to compensate for the lack of updates during our band’s break, I thought I would write a blog post about some new music since I occasionally will listen to new albums, and not just the old good ones from the many great bands of the past. Let’s face it, music is always evolving, and as a band we should continue to explore the landscape, find new influences and perhaps find the inspiration we need to create original music and create a sound of our own. I recently listened to Metallica‘s new album Hardwired.

Everybody has their favorite type of hard rock band. But for some people, Metallica is the ultimate mainstream hard rock band. Some people who are not even into rock music will instantly recognize “Nothing Else Matters” and know that that’s Metallica. I myself think about Kill ‘Em All, Ride The Lightning or …And Justice For All when I hear Metallica. Good times in the late 1980’s.

But Metallica had it’s big break with “The Black Album” which is probably the band’s most popular and talked-about record to date. It was at least the one record that made them popular and mainstream, even if you love or hate that specific album.

Their newest album is called Hardwired, which starts out very good. I think it sounds threatening to the band’s reputation. The 12 songs on the album have the typical Metallica sound to it, with the 3 minutes riffs which is about right for a song. It starts out good, but the next songs seems to not want to end, even though some of them should. For example “Atlas, Rise!” and “Halo On Fire” seems to be a bit too long for what feels right… But on the other hand, songs like “Dream No More” get it right in that regard, and does not seem like the typical Metallica song. Perhaps my favorite was “Spit Out The Bone” that was real brutal trash from start to end.

What I think is the most impressive on this album is the drumming. But the rest of it just does not seem to come alive like I would expect from such a great band. They have done a lot better throughout the years, and this is not one of those album I’m going to repeat playing over and over again as I have done with some others.